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Maintain Your Haircutting Shears For Flawless Results, Every Time!

Posted by Hafiz Mirza on

Every artist needs the perfect colors to create a masterpiece.

For a hair stylist and barber, that essential tool is their  haircutting shears.

The more you care for your shears and keep them in shape, the better they will perform.

How you care for your haircutting shears and maintain them has a direct impact on the hair styling results you get for your customers.

To ensure their comfort and to make sure they keep coming back to you, use these shear maintenance tips:

Daily Cleaning

You should clean your haircutting shears every day. However, avoid leaving them in commercial cleaning solutions overnight.

This could be a bad mistakes for a number of reasons. Since small pieces of hair can still get tangled in them, they may be sanitized but not cleaned. Moreover, commercial cleaning solutions can wipe out all lubricant from the shears, leaving them prone to damage.

Instead of cleaning solutions, use a mild soap and water mixture to clean the shears once you have brushed off all the hair. Wipe it dry and recheck the point where the blades connect, this is where hair is most likely to be caught.

Weekly Cleaning

Haircutting shears also need lubrication on a weekly basis. The best time to lubricate them is to do it before a day off. This allows time for the lubrication set in before you can move onto sanitization.

Also, every time you clean the shears with soap water, put a few drops of oil in the joints and around the screws. Close and open the blade a few times to let the lubricant settle in. Wipe away all excess lubricant with a dry cloth.

Sharpening Scissors

If you notice that the shears are pulling on hair when cutting, they might need some sharpening. You need to be extra careful here since doing it the wrong way can damage the shears. Your best bet is to visit professional blade sharpening experts that have dedicated tools to reshape shear blades.

If you treat your hair cutting shears right, they wouldn’t need sharpening for up to 500 haircuts. Of course, if you are often cutting thick hair, the frequency of sharpening would need to be higher.

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