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Shaving Tips for Men—Mastering the Cut-Throat Razor

Posted by Hafiz Mirza on

 Have you ever given thought about shaving with an old fashioned cut-throat razor?

You may consider a safety razor to be much more safe and effective at shaving, but did you know that that a straight razor is much kinder to your skin and is more cost-effective. In addition to that, it feels much more satisfying to shave like James Bond.

You will need finer skills and flawless precision to shave with a straight razor, but mastering it is easier than you think.


The first step is softening your skin so that you don’t cut yourself while shaving. The best time to shave is right after a hot shower; because that is the time your skin is the softest. However, if you don’t shower in the morning, you can always wash your face and apply pre-shave oil to your skin to soften your hair follicles.

The second step is preparing the blade. You can use a whetstone and apply a lubricant on it for better functioning. However, it is better to use a razor strop to make this process quicker and more effective.

Run the blade on either of these surfaces in the same direction as you will use to shave your skin. 15 to 20 strokes will be more than enough to hone the blade.

Tighten your Grip

How you grip the blade makes a big difference on the results that you achieve. You must grip the blade as firmly as possible, but apply it gently to the skin.

If you don’t grip it firmly, you will likely end up cutting yourself.

Mastering Your Strokes

Don’t apply the blade too flatly, as it won’t give you a proper shave.

Don’t stroke it too steeply, as you will cut yourself.

Try and hold it at just the right angle, about 30 degrees, and you’ll be fine. It may take you more than one shave to know the right angle for stroking, so don’t be frustrated if you don’t get the right shave at the first attempt.

Start from the side burns and make your way down to the chin. Never shave the other way, as it can create ingrown hair and bumps. Never start a new stroke on the chin, always being it down and lighten the strokes when you reach the chin. Tighten your upper lip when you are shaving the moustache area.

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