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Shaving Tips All Men Should Pay Attention To

Posted by Hafiz Mirza on

Shaving with a straight razor, or a cut-throat razor, is the most “masculine” way of shaving. That being said, it requires precision and skill.

You can always to go to a barber to get a straight razor shave, if you believe that you do not have the skills or the time to actually deal with a straight razor every morning.

However, shaving with a straight razor isn’t as difficult as many people think, if done right of course. Here are some useful tips to make your shaving experience not only smooth, but also easier:

Soften your skin

Softening your skin before the shave is really important to prevent cuts.

There are generally two ways of doing that. You can either wash your face with hot water or shave immediately after taking a hot shower. Apply pre-shave oil onto your skin, which will soften your hair follicles for a smooth shave.

Honing the Blade

Many men are intimidated with honing the razor, but this might just be the best part.

If you’re using a whetstone, wipe it clean and add a lubricant over it. However, it is better to get yourself a razor strop for quick and effective sharpening.

You will need to run the blade in the same direction. Apply at least 20 quick strokes on the stone or strop, which should be more than enough.


Keep the razor at a 30-degree angle from your face throughout the shave. Hold the razor too steep and you’ll cut your skin. Hold it too flat and won’t get a proper shave.


You must hold the razor firmly, but apply it to your face gently. Many people have the habit of doing the complete the opposite and end up cutting themselves.

The Strokes

Start with gentle and slow strokes from the sideburns and move downwards. Don’t shave the other way; it will cause razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Keep applying gentle strokes until you reach your chin and then start from the other side. Lighten your stroke on the chin area and don’t start a fresh stroke on the chin.

Tighten the upper lip by drawing it down as much as you can when shaving the moustache area.

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