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The Ultimate Guide On Barber Tools And Supplies

Posted by Hafiz Mirza on

There is no doubt that every barber is only as good as his tools, this is due to the fact that it is next to impossible for a barber to perform quality services with substandard tools.  Every barber knows their job is not a profession; it is an art which can only be performed using the appropriate tools. No matter how skilled and experienced the barber is, if they do not have the right tools they cannot give their clients the haircuts and trims that they deserve.

Another reason why it is so important for every barber to equip themselves with the best barber tools and supplies out there is because one slight mistake and they will lose a client forever. Hair cutting services have to be performed with a high degree of care and impeccable attention to detail; this can only be achieved if the barber has the right tools at hand. This is exactly why we at MACZ Professionals have articulated the ultimate guide on barber tools and supplies.


Core supplies required

Given below are the core tools and supplies that every barber should have ready at all times:

  • Blow dryer and a towel warmer
  • Towels, brushes, pomades, pre-shave oil, neck duster and capes
  • Razor blades of different lengths
  • Razor guards
  • Every type of pro shear
  • T blade trimmer
  • Hair clippers
  • Professional hair stylist scissors
  • Hand sanitizers


Shears are an integral component of every barbershop and are required in a variety of clipper works; every barber will require the following types of shears.

  • Heavy duty shears
  • Smaller hair scissors
  • Thinning scissors for blending and creating texture in the hair

Essential Barbering Tools Required

Finally there are certain tools that every barber simply cannot survive without, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Duster Brush: This brush is used to brush away cut hair, it is by far more effective than towels or blowers.
  • Electric Clipper:Every barber has to make sure that they have multiple electric clippers at their disposal; they should also consider investing in clippers that are designed for fade cuts.
  • Hair Comb: Last but certainly not the least are hair combs, no barber can perform their services without a hair comb at hand. We would recommend that every barber has at least a dozen professional grade hair combs.

So if you want to make sure that your barbershop is equipped with high quality tools, please consider MACZ Professionals as your one stop solution!

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