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For those Who Hate Shaving - The Quick Way to Get a Smooth Shave

Posted by Hafiz Mirza on

Straight razors are powerful, help shave with precision, and the most effective tools for shaving. But they also require patience, time, and skills.

For those who don’t like indulging in preparation and labored process, shaving can turn into a boring chore. If spending time in front of a mirror early in the morning is not your thing, you most likely leave it up to professionals to take care of the job.

But shaving doesn’t have to be a laborious, difficult task. There are ways to make the process quicker and smoother. We at Mac’s Razor Products have gathered useful tips from the pros to help make the shaving process easier.

- Take a Hot Shower Before You Start

As you’re aware, you need to soften your skin first before you shave. The best time to prepare is after you’ve taken a shower. Using hot water helps immensely and after you’ve softened your hair follicles, dab pre-shave oil onto your skin to condition it thoroughly.

- The Process

It’s recommended that you hold the shaver at a 30-degree angle from your face. Make sure you aren’t holding the razor flatly because this will result in tearing the stubble. Don’t hold it steeply either or else, you’ll cut your skin.

The best way to hold the razor is to hold it firmly. The best way to use the razor is to apply pressure gently. Secondly, adjust the firmness of the razor for different parts of your face accordingly. 

You should start with one side of your face, holding the razor blade at the sideburns.

Move downward from the top of your cheeks toward the ear. However, make sure there aren’t any bumps and that the first stroke is as smooth as silk.

One tip you should keep in mind is that after every stroke, you should rinse the razor with hot water. Also, make sure you don’t pull the razor back and forth in a rough manner.

When you approach the chin area, make sure to slightly lift the razor. Since the chin is a prominent part of your face, it’s important to remember not to start a fresh stroke here.

As for the upper lip area, use the same approach as the cheeks and use short strokes. But don’t use the razor on the center of the lip. For the lip, you can flatten the skin.

When you’re working on the lower lip and neck, make sure to flatten the skin around your lower lip, keeping it firm. Start from the corner of your mouth, going all the way to the center of your chin. After this, shave off or trim any hair that’s left remaining.

If you need to repeat the entire process, then do so. This should be done if you’ve missed any spots. After you’re done shaving, make sure to moisturize your skin by splashing cold water on your face and applying a post-shave moisturizer. But make sure to pat on the moisturizer and not rub it in.

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