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The Art of Manliness: What Your Personal Style Says About You

Posted by Hafiz Mirza on

“Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak.” – Rachael Zoe.

It’s no news that what you wear is associated with who you are. It’s not only a reflection of style, but an expression of your personality, personal choices, and opinions.

It’s also a representation of your type of employment and habits. Overall, the way we dress speaks louder than any words we can say. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. This can also be applied to your sense of style.

In the past, men were only expected to comb their hair and shave. They weren’t expected to groom themselves or have their own personal style. These things were associated with women.

But thanks to the changes in trends, more and more men are now becoming aware about the importance of taking care of themselves. There are now magazines and salons that focus only on men’s grooming and style.

Types of Styles and What They Say About You

As mentioned earlier, people associate you with the way you dress and present yourself. Here are a few types of styles. See which one you can relate to:

 The Show Stopper

A man who grabs the attention of everyone he meets. He’s the one who lights up a room with his sense of dressing and charming personality. Always the center of attention, this type of man cares about the way he looks and the impression he has on people. He also has a large social circle and loves to make friends.

If that sounds like you, then you’re a show stopper!

The perfect wardrobe for the show stopper includes bold colors and prints, as well as suits and ties. He owns several types of shoes and is all about being prim and proper.

 The Organized Stylist

A man who has his entire life organized. He loves to spend time organizing things. He calculates before he shops, and does his homework before shopping for new clothes.

The perfect wardrobe for such a man includes carefully-picked articles of clothing. He does not like to shop unnecessarily and he will donate anything he does not need.

The Careful Dresser

Such a man knows what works for him and how to make everything work. He picks his clothes carefully and does not follow fashion trends. He’s very nit-picky about his style because he does not like taking risks.

The perfect wardrobe for him is having 5 of the same jackets with different colors, and two pairs of shoes that he can wear until they wear out. Hey, if it works, it works, right?

The Free Stylist

This type of man goes with the flow. He just picks out whatever looks good to him. People view him as disorganized, but he doesn’t care. In his mind, whatever makes sense to him, makes sense to him!

The free stylist’s wardrobe doesn’t include organized products or colorful, bold clothes. Whatever they like, they buy it and find a way to make it work.

The type of style you have leaves a lasting impression on people around you. While dressing to impress is important, other areas should also be looked into. Your hair, facial hair, and your attitude are all important.

But to create the perfect style that works for you, you need the right styling tools.

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